Before you begin


There are a few things you should consider and should have to hand before you start setting up an Akvo Site.

  1. Does the partner already have a registered domain name/url they would like to use?
    • If yes, the DNS will need to be updated by the responsible person with the Akvo Sites server ip address. Remember propagation over the internet can take time. The website link/url will not be available immediately after updating. It can take as long as 36 hours.
    • If no, a new domain name will need to be registered with one of Akvo’s registrars – Loopia or Transip. When creating a new domain name propagation usually takes less than an hour. If the partner is unsure of what the domain url should be we use a subdomain ‘’ with Loopia. This is updated later in WordPress to reflect the correct url.
  2. The partner should provide a style guide of some sort including preferred colour codes & fonts to be used.
  3. The partner should provide resources such as logos in various sizes and formats as well as any images they would to include.
  4. The partner will need to provide access to certain services they may use such as Facebook, Twitter or Mailchimp. These services either require an authorisation code or widget creation within the user account to allow integration with WordPress. Unless both you & the partner are using secure mail please do not request these details via email or chat.
  5.  If the partner does not have a wireframe or an idea of how the site should look please use the standard Akvo Sites layout for the homepage & work from there.

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